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Established in 2001, Bert Lighting House was started by Bert Tan, whose career began as a grip to a gaffer and now Owner and Managing Director. Throughout his career and experience in productions both locally and overseas, he saw the need to improve our local media infrastructure to thrive in the challenging world. With his vision, the idea of a simple equipment rental house grew to become a wholly owned entity with the latest and most advanced equipment as well as a highly trained technical crew under his wing. Since then, Bert Lighting House has been a major player in local and overseas productions including feature films, tele-movies, TV Commercials, reality shows and dramas. Other than rental, Bert also provides consultations and production support by segmenting the market to cater to the needs of his clients up to date. Under his guidance, all highly trained crew are prepared to take on any demands of current industry.


With increasing changes in the future global media landscape, Bert Lighting House aims to create a platform for new creativity, by providing new digital workflows. He hopes that Singapore will be a central hub to encourage creatives from all around the world to select Singapore as the place to create and develop their talent.